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Samples for GeoXml Parser Version 3

The GeoXml Parser Is an Open Source Extension of the Google Maps API v3 Enabling client side support for KML and GIS formats including GeoRSS feeds and WFS based GML and automatically auto-generating a sidebar

Report Errors, Track or Contribute

In order to enable contributions and support/leverage the Open Source community this is now hosted on GitHub

Basic Proxy Code

GeoXml uses client side technology and is limited by javascripts cross domain restrictions when accessing XML based data so a proxy script may be a viable work around.

geospatial tools

You may use this code freely ... if you need help help or would care to encourage the developer who spends way too much free time on this, or wish to promote your favorite features? Feel free to chip-in and or send a message. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Lance Alan Dyas